Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You Blogger, Thank You Readers

I have had thousands of extra readers over the weekend, as Blogger made me Blog of Note on Friday. Since it was a weekend, I got to stay first in the queue two extra days. Thank you, Blogger.

Thank you, readers. I hope my blog was worth your visit. I hope lots of you now want to read about the black baseball players of the 1950s and 1960s, about Lady Bird Johnson, and the works of Wendell Berry. I hope you can find libraries that own The Power of Art DVDs. (See my posts of the last week.)

Thank you, everyone who commented on the postings. I appreciate the the kind words. Several of you asked questions that I am still contemplating.

Thank you to those of you who identified some book review blogs. I will post about these soon.

I did delete a few of comments because they offered book reviews and when I linked to the blogs I found no reviews. If you did this, post some reviews and try again. I also deleted some spam.

Thank you, librarians, who inspire me to blog.


Amy Wachspress said...

Congrats on being identified as a Blog of note. I'm looking for book reviewers who have blogs that are well-read to review my book The Call to Shakabaz (if you are interested I'll send you a copy, just email me at This is a new fantasy adventure for children and young adults that has all Black characters (very rare for this genre) and instead of a gory violent battle scene it teaches the fundamental principles of nonviolence. It's a lot of fun and has received great reviews already from folks like Heartland Reviews, Midwest Book Review, Wands and Worlds, and more (check out the Amazon page). I hope you are interested in reviewing it and you can suggest other bloggers who might review it. You can visit my website at I also have a blog but am still trying to figure out how to get people to visit it! It's at It's terrific to see that people are reading a librarian's blog that reviews books in such numbers. How civilized!

Sze Hui said...

Dear rick
i am a fledging librarian in singapore undertaking her masters in information science and i have no doubt this is the line which i wanna work in after graduation.

God bless u for ur good work in promoting library to the masses WE all need more librarians like u !!!

Hope to go to australia to work next time !!!

Maggie said...

How kewl is that! Keep on bloggin' in the free world! :D

disgruntled world citizen said...

That's how I found ya on blogger of note. Glad I did. take care and keep bloggin!

greeneyedwriter said...

Have you read CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL by Michelle Kane? My book name is the same as my blog name. I am donating 25% of book profits to the fight to end domestic violence in the U.S.

Lisha R. Williams said...

First, I just want to say that you have an awesome blogger...I have a long way to catch up to where you are. LOL Though I am writing to see if there's a possiblity you can do a review on my book, which was just released on April 15th. For a copy of my book the "The You-Turn" you can go to and type "Lisha Williams" in the search under author/artist. Or you can go to my page at Thank you in advance for your possible consideration.

If you need to contact me personally, you can do so by e-mailing me at


ERiCA said...

Congratulations! As a reader who found your blog through Blogs of Note, thanks for a great blog--I'll be back!

laura said...

Congratulations! I'm proud to be an old school reader of such a noteworthy blog!

Delta said...


I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. While I may not agree on all your summations (sp?), you do make many books appear more appealing than before! In fact, I would not have known about the Jackie Robinson book (for my son to read) had I not read about it on here first!

Congrats! And keep on keeping on!

Gail said...

I also found your blog through Blog of Note. I am in a Book Club and enjoy blogs that discuss/review books. I will be back to check out further reads. Congrats, and thanks for this blog. (I also recently posted A Bit About Lady Bird.)
Gambits from Gail

Susie said...

So glad I found your blog! It has definitely been added to my favorites list and I will be returning :) Nice job!

jorge said...

I followed the link from Blogs of Note. Congratulations.

I am attempting to write 50 short children's stories in a year. I wrote one that has to do with the library.

Here's the link:

Hope you enjoy it.


P.L. Frederick said...

Your blog is cool beans. I suspected something like this was out there.

Congrats on getting Blogger's Blogs of Note (it's how I found you).

P.L. Frederick
Small and Big

Haru Cornelius Ercole Nahele said...

dear rick,

After finding your blog on the blogs of note i have had great enjoyment going through it.It has turned into both a source of reference as well as a very pleasant diversion.Have linked to you on my blog.Thanks for a great blog!