Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update on Who Pays for ALA Survey

So far, 58 people have taken the short survey on who is paying for their attending ALA in DC this year. At first, it appeared that the majority were paying their own expenses, but later submissions have turned the trend toward their libraries paying their costs. The tide flows back and forth like totals on election night.

Here is what we have so far:

16 people are paying all their costs themselves.
13 people have libraries paying part of their costs.
27 people have their libraries paying their costs.
2 people are working for vendors to cover their costs.

The survey is still open for submissions. Tell us who's paying for your ALA experience.

1 comment:

Nonanon said...

Actually, this is good news, and I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised that some libraries still do cover costs for their employees. Interesting survey!