Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ladybookbug: A New Anonymous Book Reviewer

Ladybookbug has joined the ranks of librarians writing reviews of the books she reads. Her blog is titled "On the Bookshelf," and her latest review looks at The Road by Cormac McCarthy. She would not have read the book if she had not heard the author interviewed, but then she was glad that she had.

So far, all but one of her books have been fiction, and most are top sellers. My favorite review, however, was of a first novel, Summer People by Brian Groh. I hope that she tackles more lesser-known authors to help us learn about them.

I added her URL to the Librarian's Book Revoogle, but none of her reviews appear in results yet. It appears that Google does not rank her blog yet. Visit her blog to help it out.

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