Friday, May 25, 2007

Core Biography Survey Results

Maggie of Maggie Reads reminded me that I have not reported the results of my survey about biographies in the public library. Six weeks ago I asked, "what famous persons should have books in the biography section?" I suggested a few important people and posted a survey box for readers to submit other names.

Thirteen people accepted the invitation and submitted 108 names. Sacagawea, Golda Meir, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, Malcolm X, Sigmund Freud, and Jim Henson are just a few of the interesting names. Some readers agreed, so Cleopatra, Joseph Stalin, Andy Warhol, Al Gore, Frank Sinatra, and Benjamin Franklin were submitted more than once.

Click here to see the Zoho Creator table with the names.

I will keep these names in mind as I work on further biography projects. Thanks.

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Maggie said...

I see Pete and I played more than once...hope we didn't skew the results. :|