Sunday, April 15, 2007

Plunk Biggio

A number of library bloggers have posted recently about the non-library blogs that they read. In contrast, I read very few blogs other than library related ones. (I guess I am old - I'm reading books and wishing I had more time for reading books.) I could say that all the book blogs are not library related, but for me they are. I can think of one non-library blog that I read regularly - seasonally - Plunk Biggio.

Plunk Biggio is rather silly in a way. How can someone write for years about whether or not Houston Astros second baseman Craig Biggio will or will not get hit by a pitched ball when at bat during a game? Well, there is the fact that Biggio is second on the all time list for being hit by a pitch. Also, baseball fans can gather statistics and analyse the game to infinity. Being a big Biggio fan, I find it very entertaining.

So, all summer long, the career baseball record that I will be watching (instead of the other record bound to be broken) is hit by pitch.


Linda said...

Hi! So you are an Astro's fan? I enjoy reading your blog and agree with your selections of books and you always have interesting discussions. This is very interesting to me also. I am a huge, died-in-the-wool-I-will love-em-till-the-day-I-die-Cub Fan. Although I was nearly in tears andwanted to jump through the television, I will have to admit that the Astro's played well a few days ago against my Cubbies! Especially Biggio!!! I could do an entire blog on one Cub game! Thanks for all the enjoyment!

ricklibrarian said...

I forgot to mention that I have been a Houston baseball fan since about 1962 when I was growing up in Texas. As much as I love the Cubs, they are always number 2 in my heart.

Linda said...

Hi Rick! Understood. Although I live in Iowa now and work in an Iowa Library, I was raised in Illinois, Quad Cities. Thanks for making the Cubs number two! We will see what October brings. The way my Cubbies are playing now is not so hot! Astros are doing great!Good luck for a winning season!