Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CIL2007: Computers in Libraries

The bloggers at Computers in Libraries 2007 are busy, so you do not have to be there to learn from the presentations. Here are a few items so far:

Web 2.0 and What It Means to Libraries - The Shifted Librarian seems to transcribe almost every word of presentations.

Information Design for the New Web - Ellyssa Kroski's pre-presentation blog and comments by Nicole Engard.

Weblog Zonder Haast - Follow the conference in Dutch.

Alternative and Customized Search Engines - Mary Ellen Bates lists engines to try, as reported by Caroline (last name unknown).

Computers in Libraries cartoons - Flickr set by Madinkbeard.

You can find more reports by searching for "CIL2007" at Technorati.


Gerard said...

Almost right, I'm from the Netherlands actually.

ricklibrarian said...

Oh, my. You can tell I'm an American, as I can't identify foreign languages. Sorry, Gerard.

Gerard said...

That's the advantage of being a small country, to expand your horizon you need to cross borders.

By the way, would appreciate if you could change that word 'German' into 'Dutch'. Nothing against the Germans, but I'm just not from there.

ricklibrarian said...

It is done.