Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Survey Results: Use of ricklibrarian Book Reviews

Three weeks ago I posted a survey about the use of the book reviews on this blog. Ten very nice people took the time to take the three-question survey. While the number of respondents is low, I did get an answer to my question "Has anyone ever used the book reviews?"

Of the ten people responding, six have purchased a book (for themselves or their libraries) based on a book review on this blog.

Nine of ten people have read a book I recommended.

Also, nine of ten have used my reviews in choosing items to recommend to their readers.

I am pleased. 6.5 billion more people to reach. Thanks.


ActLikeOne said...

Even though I forgot to take your survey after I read your post in February, I want to tell you that you have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading your reviews.

Laura said...

I must have missed the survey (which I'm going to blame on Bloglines, not on my hopelessly behind reading schedule). I often write down the titles of books you mention either because I want to read them or because I want to buy them for the library, or both.