Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Playing Around with Zoho Creator

I have been looking at Zoho Creator for several days, setting up a database about biographical books. Set up is pretty easy, though I need to learn much about later exporting the data for using it elsewhere. In looking at the training videos, I discovered that I can embed a form onto this webpage to collect data that will go directly into the database.

So, here is a test. Tell me what book you are reading and how you picked the title. If you want to use an alias, that's okay. If you want to answer more than once, you can do that, too.

I will display the results in a few days and we will all learn more about how this free database tool works. Maybe we will all learn what and why people are reading.


aaron said...


Signed up for a zoho account and it said i didn't have permission to access your form. could be that i don't know what i'm doing!

ricklibrarian said...

he problem was that I did not totally know what I was doing. I changed one setting and the form should be there now!

Rolf Steinar Bergli said...

You forgot the option "I librarian recommended the book".

But I'm perfectly agree if you mean that every librarian should count as a friend! :-)

ricklibrarian said...

Rolf is right. So, I just added a category. It was easy to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

As far as "exporting the data for using it elsewhere" goes, Zoho Creator is hard to beat.

If you go to your view for this app and click on "More Actions >> Export Data", there are 7 options there.

I took the RSS option and set up a quick page at rss2html for your data. Check it out!


Arvind said...

Cute poll and a nice way to do it, Rick! Don't be baffled seeing an 'Arvind' in the list. Am from Zoho ;-)