Monday, March 12, 2007

Hinsdale Hospital Same Day Surgery: A Review of My Day

I arrived at Hinsdale Hospital a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. on Friday for my hernia surgery. First thing that I learned was that the doctor had an emergency and my 9:00 a.m. surgery was push back an hour. That gave me plenty of time to figure out how to tie the gown behind my back.

As I waited in the receiving room, I was struck by how happy the staff sounded. From behind my pale colors curtain, I could hear talk about diets and dancing and lots of laughing. Everyone seemed at ease.

I dreaded getting the IV, but it was not bad at all. My arm did get a little cold and my temperature stayed low the entire time I was in the hospital.

By the time Bonnie found me, I was ready for surgery and had read about fifteen pages of biography of Johnny Cash.

The doctor then was reported to be on time after all. I gave my book to Bonnie and I was taken to the surgery ward early, where I was told I might be ready in ten to fifteen minutes. Everything there was blue, including scrubs, gowns, caps, curtains, and chairs. I wished that I had my camera, thinking I could have gotten some great shots for my Flickr site. I have drawn a picture instead. The view is from my bed.

After waiting about an hour and forty minutes, hearing my doctor's name three times over the paging system, I was taken into the operating room. There were lots of ceiling lights. I did not notice much more before I was asleep.

When I woke up an hour and a half later, everyone was still in blue.

I tried to remember all the names of the nurses, who were all very friendly and helpful, but I forgot.

I got a wheelchair ride to the south exit. The attendant wore a scarlet jacket. I left about 2:30 p.m. Bonnie drove me home.

Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes!


aaron said...

so glad to hear it went well!

Maggie said...

A librarian and an artist! I'm impressed! :D

Sending you a speedy recovery...

Nonanon said...

Who even managed to get some of a biography read in the pre-surgery time! You ARE a trouper. Feel better--

Deb said...

Glad to hear it went well.

Laura said...

Nice picture! And I add my gladness to the chorus, albeit really late.