Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Beatles "Love"

When I first heard about The Beatles "Love", I was not paying attention. I thought that the music was just being repackaged. I had no idea that Giles Martin, son of George Martin, had so brilliantly remixed and combined songs until I heard the December 21, 2006 podcast from National Public Radio All Songs Considered. I listened to it twice just to hear the incredible music.

Giles Martin took all the Beatles 4-track and 8-track studio tapes, digitized them, and remixed pieces of them in amazing ways. The CD starts with "Because" stripped of instrumentals, leaving just the haunting voices. "Drive My Car" flows into "The Word" and then into "What You're Doing" naturally. The cello in "Eleanor Rigby" is lifted up. In some songs, any acoustic nook is filled with bits from other songs. Sometimes voices are put over different instrumental. You have to listen carefully. Nothing foreign is introduced. Every note and sound is from Beatles recordings.

It is mad and crazy and delightful. Paul McCartney said it is "insane." I am listening in the car on the way to work today. I'd better go.

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