Thursday, March 15, 2007

Additions to the Librarian's Book Revoogle

I have just added seven librarian-generated book review websites to the Librarian's Book Revoogle. If you have not heard, the revoogle lets you search for book reviews written by librarians or posted on library websites.

A Fuse #8 Production - children's book reviews and news

Biblio File - many children and YA reviews, some adult reviews

Bluestalking Reader - book reviews, news, and author interviews from a library program coordinator

It's All About the Book - lots of YA fiction, some adult reviews

Mostly NF Blog - from Pierce County Library System, Washington

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast - children's books, poetry, interviews with authors

Tillabooks - emphasis on science fiction and fantasy

As I have said before, please send me any new library book review suggestions. I try to add as many as I can. I have added all but one so far. The one library website I left out assigned URLs for its webpages by numbers with no hierarchy, not allowing me to limit to just book reviews. Because that library had a lot of other content, its inclusion would have lessen the reliability of the searches.


Bluestalking Reader said...

Hey, RickLibrarian,

Thanks so much for the link! Very sweet of you to give my blog a plug on yours. I try to surf around regularly and find other library-related blogs, but I don't think I've ever found you before.

I'll add you to my blogroll so I can find you again. The memory's not what it used to be...

What was I saying?

Will said...

Hello RickLibrarian,

I appreciate your adding Tillabooks to Revoogle, only I'm not sure it's working. I tried searching Revoogle for a number of books reviewed on Tillabooks, and never got any hits.

Just wondering . . .