Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pop Goes Fiction: A New Fiction Book Review Blog

Lora Bruggeman, a reader's advisory librarian currently tending to her family, has started Pop Goes Fiction, a new fiction book review. In a month and half she has posted 17 snappy reviews and a short list of her favorite books from 2006. She seems to have a knack for knowing what people like; I cross checked the titles with our library catalog and see that many of her choices having dozens of reserves. Her blog can help us with our fiction selection.

The reviews can help with reader's advisory, too. She captures the essence of each book in one nice-sized paragraph and she adds useful tags, like "first novels," "page-turners," "women's lives and relationships," and "multicultural fiction."

I have added Pop Goes Fiction to the Librarian's Book Revoogle. I am also adding the link to the right.

Nice work, Lora.

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