Monday, February 26, 2007

Directory of Health and Human Services in Metropolitan Chicago, 2007-2008

The Thomas Ford Memorial Library just received its 2007-2008 edition of Directory of Health and Human Services in Metropolitan Chicago. The reason I mention this is that the publication of this useful source has been somewhat erratic and not well-publicized in recent years, due to funding. We did not get one of the editions because we ordered too late and copies were all gone.

An online version is also available for $175. The print version is $100 plus $5 shipping. All the information is available at the Community Resource Network website. Use the drop-down menu to specifiy the edition you want.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for highlighting our Directory! Just FYI, the directory (also known as the "Blue Book")has always been published every two years and it was formerly published by United Way.

In 2002 the Department responsible for its production was spun off and it became Community Resource Network(CRN), an independent nonprofit based in Chicago. Unfortunately we were spun off just when the 2003-2004 edition should have been coming out. Due to the transition the next edition to be published was the 2005. The time lapse between the 2000 and the 2005 may have given the appearance of erratic publication. As correctly stated, the 2007-2008 edition is now on sale for $105 including S&H, with discounts available for purchases of multiple copies. CRN launched a searchable, web-based version of the directory in 2005 in response to the demand for such from its users and is pretty much the only one--or one of the few online directories of its kind available in the Chicago metro area. Online subscriptions start at $175/yr with reduced rates for multiple users.

We expect to continue to publish this useful resource, as in the past, every two years.

Ted Barillas
Community Resource Network