Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Look

As you probably have noticed if you are reading at this blog's site (and not reading a feed), the blog has a new look. I finally took the New Blogger bait and moved to the new version, which does have more features and easier modification of the template. I have thrown out the old paper look and reversed the layout. The sidebar is now on the right and has more information.

I have added a list of book review website from librarians and libraries to help you find good books to read, and I have placed the Librarian's Book Revoogle search box into the sidebar. I am working on another customized search tool that I can easily add when it is ready. (Now I have committed myself, so I have to make it.) I also added a picture and a current reading list, which I will be changing periodically.

There is no longer a recent posts list. The titles in the body of the blog serve as links to the individual blog posts should you want the URLs or to see the comments.

The links to the archives are now contained in a dropdown menu, saving lots of space.

The best thing is that the space for the text is now wider, so you do not have to scroll so much when I get long winded.

The search from Blogger in the top left of the screen is also improved. Now if you search a keyword you get every post from the blog with the word instead of a list of links.

In the next year, I want to review more books. Nonfiction will remain my emphasis, but I want to add more poetry and short story collections, which are included less frequently in other book reviews. I will review more audiobooks now that I have an iPod. I hope to attend at least two library conferences, so there will also be conference reports, as well reports of workshops and meetings I attend.

Happy New Year.


Nonanon said...

Nice work on the new blog and look. And if I said I wasn't excited about the continued emphasis on nonfiction, I'd be lying. Happy new year!

Maggie said...

If you want, you can drag and drop the site meter under the blog post in the template. It will then appear on the bottom of your last post.

I feel site meters discourage browsing of blogs, and if I know someone has one-I monitor my time on the site. Its a privacy issue with me.

Although, I'm sure you have noticed I spend hours on your blog. I like to wallow in the non-fiction aspect. ;)