Friday, December 29, 2006

Five Things You May Not Know about Me

I was tagged by Jenny!

I am fairly mysterious, so there is much you do not know.

1. I have been a Houston Astros fan since the mid-1960s when I listened to games on radio. From the ranch in west Texas where we lived in 1965, I could get the games on either San Antonio or Shreveport radio stations. Jim Wynn and Bob Aspromonte were my favorite players. I wanted to grow up to be a third baseman.

2. I assisted the children's librarian with puppet shows at my first library job in Austin, Texas. My favorite show was Strega Nona. I got to be Big Anthony and throw spaghetti colored yarn all over the puppet stage.

3. I was a stay-at-home dad for six and a half years. During that time I became very fond of afternoon naps. I took Laura to lots of libraries, which I saw from the viewpoint of a user instead of a librarian. I think this has been as important as library school for me.

4. Rail Baron is my favorite board game. My friends and I have a trophy made from an old model engine that is passed around to the most recent winner. My stategy is to buy a Super Chief as soon as possible after securing a rail line into New York. I always aim to buy the Union Pacific but the Santa Fe is a good alternative.

5. My favorite color is blue, no yellow, no, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

I tag Tinfoil + Raccoon, Nonfiction Readers Anonymous, Maggie Reads, Feel-good Librarian, and The Actress and the Bishop. Three of you are somewhat anonymous, so we could learn much from your memes. Please write.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick!

Oh, and hope to see ya at Mid-Winter. I'm sure you will be bloggin' the conference! :)

Nonanon said...

Will you consider it cheating if I answer the meme here? I try to keep the blog about the books, rather than me (because they're more interesting than me, let's face it). But I feel I now know 5 things about you and should reciprocate.
1. I hate shopping, and being sold to. (Okay, many people know this about me, but probably not the degree to which I hate being marketed to.)
2. I think cats are cuter than babies.
3. I think it's ridiculous in our post-industrial world that anyone has to work past noon.
4. I like really, really spicy romance novels. Okay, I'll own it: I like erotica.
5. I vacillate between feeling grateful for where I was born and ashamed of what we are doing out in the world.
There you go! Hope you're not too scared.

ActLikeOne said...

I have accepted the challenge. It was quite fun.