Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rabbit-shaped Cactus

Rabbit-shaped Cactus
Originally uploaded by ricklibrarian.
We're in Arizona for a few days and have been to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. It is one of my favorite places here, and I have been numerous times. We always see a variety of birds and small animals among the cacti and succulents and desert grasses. Sometimes, I only think I see a little animal.

November is a great time to visit this area, as the temperature is in the 70s. It is a little cool for swimming, but it is comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. There also seem to be fewer tourists at this time, so it is easy to get dinner reservations and there are no crowds to fight.


Anonymous said...

Yes really a great picture!

Maybe this is than interesting for you My Photocommunity

Regards Chris

Anonymous said...

Good photograph. I remember seeing a similar one that looked like afrog,- yes and the color was right too!

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