Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MADreads from the Madison Public Library

Librarians looking for good models of library book reviewing blogs should look at MADreads: Book News and Reviews from the Madison Public Library. News and reviews of fiction and nonfiction books are added to the website daily. What I like are that the book reviewers (there are several from different branches of the library) go ahead and say if there is something that bothers them about the books they review. It is not just publicity fluff to push their books at MADreads.

The MADreads blog has a menu of categories for readers who wish to specify a genre. All the categories have at least five reviews, most have many more. The blog links to the library home page, with which it maintains a consistent design, and to a library news blog called What's New. The book reviewing blog seems to have been started in April 2006.

Thumbs up for MADreads.

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Nonanon said...

Hello, RickLibrarian:
I have the honor of sometimes contributing to MadREADS, and I couldn't agree more that one of the best things about it is its willingness to post true "reviews" (meaning you get some bad with the good). Thanks for the really nice shout-out!