Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Library Goddesses: Garrulous Goddesses Generate Genuine Gems

The Librarian's Book Revoogle is growing. Every few days I get a lead or two or three for websites to add to the custom search engine. Today I added Library Goddesses. Thank you, Susan, for the lead.

I have no idea who the Library Goddesses are or even how many there are. They could be anywhere and everywhere. They are inviting other goddess (and even gentlemen) to join them. All the details are on their lead blog.

If you have not heard of the Library Goddesses before, do not be ashamed, for they are very new. Their archives only go back to October 2006. Despite their newness, however, they already have written many reviews for books in many categories. They review books for all ages and tastes in literature. Adding them to the search engine has certainly broadened the content of the Revoogle.

I am impressed by their organization and thrift. They have created a network of free Blogger blogs to distribute their reviews and have a companion wiki to post reading lists and serve as a message board. The Goddesses are very Library 2.0.

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