Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Didn't Know That I Huffed!

I am suddenly and briefly famous. A couple of weeks ago I had a phone interview with a reporter from the Associated Press, who had seen a Flickr photo of me cutting up my Macy's card. She said to watch around Thanksgiving to see if she used our conversation. Well, today it happened. If you search "rick roche" in Google News you will find the story repeated in many markets.

What the story does not tell is that Macy's sent me a card to replace my Marshall Field's card. At the bottom of the card, it said I had been a Macy's customer since 1981. I have never been in a Macy's store! I think the corporate bending of truth is what most bothers me about the affair.

A reporter tried to call me at the Downers Grove Public Library, which is not my workplace. DGPL staff told the reporter that I worked at Thomas Ford, but no call has come. The moment has passed. I am no longer famous.


Meredith said...

For what it's worth (not much, probably) you'll always be famous in the biblioblogosphere. :)

Meredith said...

The story was reprinted in my parents' local paper this morning. Adam was reading the front section and told me that people were up in arms in Chicago about Macy's taking over Marshall Fields. I grabbed the paper away from him and, sure enough, it was your story! :)

I remember when Macy's took over Bambergers in the early 80's in NJ... people were pretty annoyed about that too and my mother still called it Bambergers for years afterwards. Though I can't say I'll shed any tears over Filenes becoming Macy's -- I was never a fan.

Jeff Lampert said...

Rick--congrats on making the Palm Beach Post via the AP article...I have also vanquished Macy's from my eyesight, won't even look at their ads, much less consider going into any of their stores, after they obliberated 108 year old Burdines here in South Florida, acquired in an merger with Allied. That means their own stores plus what they acquired from Burdines. And, let us not forget Lord & Taylor's, either. RIP to individuality.

Anonymous said...

I have to second Meredith and say that you are currently famous among my fellow MLS students and myself. Yay for you!