Monday, July 17, 2006

Wedding March on Decatur Street: A Flickr Story

Here is an interesting story about the popularity of Flickr.

While I was walking around New Orleans on Saturday, June 24, on a lunch break, I spotted a wedding parade coming down Decatur Avenue. It was led by a small jazz band. The bride and groom with their umbrellas followed, as did the rest of the wedding party. Trying not to intrude, I snapped a couple of pictures. I later posted this photo on Flickr.

On Sunday, June 25, I found a comment on my Flickr photo from the groom's brother Greg, thanking me for taking the photo and posting it.

Last week I got Flickr mail from Becci the bride. Her brother-in-law directed her to Flickr to see the photo and then she contacted me. She was thrilled to see the photo because her photographer did not cover the parade. Being without photos of the event, she asked me if I could send her some. I sent her the two I had, for which she warmly thanked me.

This past weekend, I got a thank you email from the mother of the groom. She heard about all the librarians in New Orleans and wondered if others were taking pictures that Saturday. Could other librarians have taken pictures of the parade and could I find them?

So here is the appeal. Did you or someone you know take pictures of Becci's wedding parade? If so, please log in with your email address and leave a comment here. We can arrange to then send photos to Becci and her mother-in-law. Thanks.

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