Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mom's Cancer by Brian Fies

In early 2004, after Brian Fies learned that his mother had lung cancer, he started a cartoon on the Internet to journal the experience. Wishing to protect his family's privacy, he wrote anonymously and used no real names in the cartoon. His main characters are simply Mom, Nurse Sis, Kid Sis, and Me. The cartoon was noticed and became popular. When the story came to an end and his family agreed, he turned the strip into the book Mom's Cancer.

Fies says in his preface that he wishes that he had something like Mom's Cancer to read when his mother was diagnosed. Though it is an account of a specific family, many elements in their story are universal. The cartoon has been popular with other cancer victims and their families and with medical educators needing materials for their students about patient experiences.

Mom's Cancer is a very honest account that deals as much with pateint and family emotions as medical diagnosis, treatment, and results. Readers need to read to the end. A short resource guide follows the story.

I recommend libraries shelve Mom's Cancer with books on cancer patients, not with the graphic novels or the cartoon books.

Fies, Brian. Mom's Cancer. New York: Abrams Image, 2006. ISBN 0810958406

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about all aspects of this great and poignant book, but would further suggest that libraries purchase two copies, then put one in the health section and one in the GN section. It's not expensive and deserves the widest possible audience.