Friday, May 05, 2006

nonanon: Nonfiction (Readers) Anonymous

I was reading the April 2006 minutes of the Adult Reading Round Table (ARRT) Nonfiction Study (a group I wish I could find time to join) when I spotted the URL for a book blog I had not seen. The AART group is discussing the possibility of starting its own blog (which I hope they do) and the newsletter pointed to Nonfiction (Readers) Anonymous as an example of what can be done.

I clicked on the archives links to see if I could learn the mission of the blog. Its initial posting from October 10, 2005 refers to a preceding blog, which is now a dead link. I did find the statement:

The blog for people who love nonfiction with a passion that frankly, borders on the perverse.

I read a couple of month's worth of entries, which like postings on my blog often deal with nonfiction books (though I stray quite a lot). Like me, the author of Nonfiction (Readers) Anonymous often reads books that are several years old, but the similarity ends there. I tend to review only the books I like and want to recommend, while the anonymous author in Wisconsin (I do not want to assume a gender) will critique books with which he/she takes issue. Her/his tastes differ from mine; notably she/he does not usually like biographies, which I often enjoy. Despite our differing philosophies, I enjoyed reading the reviews and found a couple of books I want to read. Anonymous author knows nonfiction books!

In the sidebar of the blog are links to some more book blogs I had not seen. Ah, too many blogs, too little time. Do make some time to check Nonfiction (Readers) Anonymous.

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maggie moran said...

Morning Rick!

I just read Joyce Saricks' article, "Taking the Plunge" in Booklist's Jan 1 & 15, 2006 issue. She talks about the promotion of non-fiction books for RA.

I think you and I are ahead of the times. Sounds like we've always promoted non-fic with booktalks.

Most people want to "learn something" when they read and consider fiction a huge waste of time. If you give them a book like Devil in a White City, Heart of the Sea, Lobster Chronicles, Slaves in the Family, etc. they are learning and enjoying at the same time.

Rule # 3. "Every book it's reader" and we recognize non-fiction as readable.