Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Metroblogging New Orleans

It is less than a month until thousands of librarians descend on New Orleans for an annual conference. One of the reason to go, aside from attending professional meetings, is to see the state of the city. Before you go, you can gain some advanced intelligence by visiting Metroblogging New Orleans.

Metroblogging New Orleans is a cooperative effort, as a variety of citizens with varying viewpoints are posting their observations about living in their city. New today is a two minute video from Editor B of B.Rox showing a strip mall that is as it was right after Katrina. In a clothing store the muck of the high water line cuts right across dresses still on display. Yesterday Chris Martin wrote about the smell. Scroll down the page to read about local festivals and other recovery successes and about constant desperate needs.

This blog is more immediate and personal than some of the official news media's reports. Please read.

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