Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Google Pages in Support of the Blog

I have been playing around with Google Pages for a few month to see what I can do. My interest was to create some aids for this blog to help me find old posts in the archive. Search engines and the Blogger search tools often seem to fail to find what should be easily found with keywords. So I now have a dozen Google Pages (and I am working on another) that collect links to reviews and comments by category. For example, I have a Google Page listing all my Poetry Reviews, that also includes a list of my favorite poets. Another page links to all my Library Conference Reports. Audiobook Reviews, Library Life, Opinion/Advocacy, and Movie Reviews are some of the other pages.

All the pages are linked to each other. The Main Page has my latest book recommendations and my image Simpsonized.

You may notice as you look at these pages that I have ignored the advice of most web developers, which tell us to give our web pages a consistent look. Every page looks different from every other page, because I wanted to play around with the colors and designs. There actually is a certain amount of conformity because there really are not many options with Google Pages.

It has been interesting to troll through all my old posts to see the variety of categories and how long winded I have gotten at times. I was surprised to find that I reviewed one book twice - I only linked the better review.

I have placed links to two of the pages to the left. I call the main page ricklibrarian's book page. The other is ricklibrarian's greatest hits, which includes links to my most popular posts.

The challenge for me now is keeping these up-to-date. Google Pages are pretty easy to create and modify, and if I add links as I post, it should not be too hard.

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