Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poetry Month Has Started: A Challenge to Readers and Library Bloggers

It is now officially National Poetry Month, time to read and recommend poems. The world of verse is vast and varied, so there is something for virtually everyone.

I am going to go one step farther and challenge everyone to write a little verse. Add it as a comment to this page or post it on your own blog. You do not have to be Byron, Keats, or Shelley, or even Brian, Sheets, and Kelly. Here is my modest submission, free verse that does not even rhyme:

I wore a wrinkled shirt today.
I noticed at midmorning
the tracks of laundry gremlins
trailing from my chest,
minature pleats scattered
like tiny pickup sticks.

The irony is I had rejected a shirt
with a collar that needed to be ironed.

Look at my Googlepage for poetry to find more poetry recommendations. I look forward to seeing your poems.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to kick off the month. I 'googled' the word 'poetry' and quickly found your site. Turns out, we are only a few towns apart! So here's my poem....

Small World

My computer screen
the wardrobe door-
I open it and
the world sits on my desk.

Happy poetry month!

Sister--Fleta said...

So, You want a POEM?
Start a Poem FORUM...
But then your goin
To get Stupid Forum Poems...

R said...

Check out my poetry site:

Unknown said...

What a good ideal.