Friday, April 07, 2006

New Orleans Recovery Stories

Leslie Burger just got back from a trip to New Orleans to assess the situation and has posted a report on her blog that should be read by all librarians.

Having read Lesie's report, you may want to do some further research. There are plenty of stories daily. This is what I found this morning:

Zephers Return to New Orleans - April 6 story from the Associated Press about minor league baseball returning to the city. Repairs are still being made to the Zepher's stadium, but it was ready for opening night.

Council Asks Nagin to Abandon Landfill - April 7 story from the Times-Picayune about struggles over hurricane debris. Environmentalists and the residents of eastern New Orleans argue against the current landfill proposal.

Katrina Curriculum - April 7 story from the Times-Picuyune about Lake Harbor Middle School using computers to develop an environmental protection plan to protect New Orleans from future hurricanes. The article also lists other ways schools have incorporated Hurrinca Katrina in curriculum.

Sing a Song of Recovery - April 7 story from Times-Picayune about hurricane recovery songs being considered by Louisiana Legislature. Which will be chosen the official song? The story includes lots of lyrics and websites to hear the songs.

Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh,

'Cause the whole subdivision's now a bayou

N. O. Postmark Returns Today - April 3 story from the Times-Picayune about U. S. Postal Service reopening a distribution center, restoring local service to 95 percent. Soon people in New Orleans will be able to receive magazines again.

Builders Give New Orleans' Homeless a Helping Hand - HGTV story about New Orleans Rescue Mission reopening its single women's dorm.

New Orleans May Face Internet Showdown - April 3 story about cable and telephone company opposition to free wireless in New Orleans.

I used Technorati and Google News to find these items. Another good source is Everything New Orleans . It does not matter how you find article, but please take time to read a little on what is happening in the city.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rick,

Thanks for your April 7 posting of an excerpt from "Katrinalaya" the official unofficial theme song of hurricane recovery. Your readers can hear Katrinalaya or purchase it at Net proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity and the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund. Those are good causes, but the main value of the song is the smiles that it brings to so many faces.

All my best.

David "The Nac" Naccari
Recording Artist and Song Administrator