Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Paul Bausch Speaks about Web 2.0

Paul Bausch, who is a co-creator and developer of Blogger, gave the keynote speech at Online Northwest, a conference that was held earlier this year in Corvallis, Oregan. Will Stuivenga who was there has digested the speech and written an interesting report for the LITA Blog.

So much has been written under the heading of web 2.0 that it is easy to quit paying attention. Bausch got to the heart of the matter and was entertaining to boot. Ancient Greeks, Copernicus, and Ranganathan were brought into the discussion. This report can serve as a good introduction to the topic of evolving change in the way people use the World Wide Web.

Watch the LITA Blog in the coming months. In its first year it has mostly reported conferences, but a team of bloggers is gearing up to report on technology in libraries on a more regular schedule.

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