Thursday, March 16, 2006

Metro News from the Metropolitan Library System Hidden from the World at Large

I have been carrying around the March 2006 issue of Metro News for several days, back and forth from the reference desk to my desk in the work room, not actually finding time to read it. I finally read it today and there are several nice items worth being spread past the boundaries of the Metropolitan Library System. I can not directly link you to them because they seem to be only in print and hidden in a PDF file. Click here and then click on the "click here to view this file" to access these stories.

The most interesting story is "Stephanie Kirchner - Someone You Should Know." In this article she tells about her experiences volunteering in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. She notes that librarians are frontline relief workers in many of the communities. It is a nice article. You can not find it through Google the way it is now presented.

Kathryn J. Deiss has a piece on the future of libraries on page 4. Is this only for MLS librarians? Is that why it is screened from the world at large?

The second part of a report on how to libraries should monitor the electronic communications of their staffs is also in this newsletter. If it were also posted on the MLS website, it could spark a conversation. I know I take exception to the way the authors assume there are lots of library employees ready to spend all their work time on personal pursuits. (Part 1 in the February issue was the worst part.) Treat employees with respect and you won't need all these legalities. More rules do not make better work.

The Metropolitan Library System tends to be like the American Library Association in that it wants to keep some of its news behind barriers. Knock down that wall, MLS. Post these articles in a findable place. The world and MLS may benefit.

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