Monday, March 20, 2006

ALA 2006 New Orleans Wiki

Meredith Farkas and other librarians have already started the 2006 ALA conference wiki to help attendees of this summer's conference in New Orleans. In 2005 it was labelled "unofficial" but it is official this year, ALA requesting Meredith's help. There is already conference advice and tourist information. More information is coming. Being a wiki, you too can contribute. The rules for submission are simple. The instructions for editing are easy.

I found Stories from New Orleans through the wiki. I intend to read these stories from librarians as they are posted to keep up-to-date with conditions in the city.

Even if you are unable to attend the conference this summer, visit the wiki now and then. There will be many links to reports on the meetings and presentations from attendees. There will be so much more than you will find in the print journals.

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