Friday, February 10, 2006

Animals from Children's Books on Postage Stamps

Bonnie brought home some neat postage stamps showing animals from popular children's books. There are eight different stamps on a sixteen stamp panel, all showing 39 cents, our new postal rate. They look really good, and I look forward to using them. I think the best looking stamps are the Hungry Caterpiller and the Wild Thing. My favorite as a character is Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.

I am not sure how these animals were chosen (I am sure there is an explanation somewhere), and I have no argument with them, but they are not my personal favorites. I have been thinking about the stamps celebrating children's books that I would like to have to put on my letters to friends, birthday cards to my family, and even payments of the water bill. Here's my own list.

1. George and Martha from the books by James Marshall - Who celebrates friendship better than George and Martha?

2. Frog and Toad from the books by Arnold Lobel - They are also great friends, and I am sure Chris and Judy would like a letter with them on the envelope.

3. Babar from the books by Jean du Brunhoff - Laura and I read a lot of Babar books and I never see the elephant without smiling.

4. Little Critter from books by Mercer Mayer - Who is cuter than Little Critter?

5. Max and Ruby from the books by Rosemary Wells - Max makes such a mess and Ruby always cleans him up.

6. Arthur from the books by Marc Tolan Brown - I bet the Postal Service could turn a profit on Arthur stamps. Every kid in America would want to write a letter to use this stamp.

7. Carl from the books by Alexandra Day - Who represents the love of pets better than Carl?

8. The sheep from Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw - I laughed so hard when I read this book aloud for the first time.

Who would you like to see on a stamp? There are many worthy candidates.


Christopher Harris said...

George and Martha are wonderful. Our cats are George and Martha - and a third we didn't think we were getting but was too cute to leave became Fox.

Thanks for sharing this. I see a trip to the post office (or the post office website at least) in my near future!

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