Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wiki World with Meredith Farkas

Aaron and I attended an national online workshop this afternoon without leaving the building. We took part in Wiki World which was presented in the OPAL Auditorium (an online presentations space). We did have to install a small plug-in, which found at the link before getting into the auditorium. It worked pretty well, though some of the web page pushing was a little slow. At one point I noticed 119 registrants connected.

Meredith Farkas spoke about the purpose of wikis and how to set one up. Her slideshow can be found on her wiki Libary Success: A Best Practices Wiki. It inspired us. In fact, as I typed this, Aaron downloaded some open sorce software and installed it. Who knows what we will do next!

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Meredith said...

I'm so glad you and Aaron could attend and I hope the talk inspired people to think about how wikis could be used at their library. The number of people who attended was CRAZY! That's why the co-browsing was a disaster (since they have it set up where everyone hits the target Web server, rather than just the moderator). 119 people hitting a server at once prompted a denial of service attack from many of the sites. Ooops!