Friday, January 20, 2006

Old Catalog Card for a New Book

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The Ann Arbor Public Library has put an fun feature onto its computer catalog. (Do you ever think of catalogs as fun? Do you think vendors of library catalogs ever think of fun? Isn't it time to loosen up?) I wish we had this on SWAN.

Go to and search for a book. On the record, right under "Request This Title," is a link "Card Catalog Image." Click that link and you get an image of an old fashioned catalog card. You can even scribble comments onto the card. Then you can save the image and do whatever you want with it.

It appears that the next person to go to that card in the catalog, will see your comments.

If you want to know how Ann Arbor created this tool, go to

Thanks, Aaron, for the tip.


Lake Oz Fic Chick said...

This is sooooo cool! Thanks for passing this along!

CreditRecorder said...

Thanks a lot for the link! Liked the idea immensely!

Humanus said...

Yes, the idea of comment to book is great, but as for the form of old card style... It depends on individual priority.