Friday, January 27, 2006

Favorite Places in the Library

I often wish that we could get more people just to wander through the bookshelves and look at the books around them. I am sure if more took time to look around, they would find more books and borrow more books and read more books and come back for more books. In the past, I have thought that a video of a well-spoken reader describing his trip through the bookshelves, holding out the favorites he finds, might inspire more browsing.

With similar intent, here is a slideshow of some of my favorite places in the library.

The painting above the mantel is Thomas Ford, the man after which our library is named. The books are on shelves in various locations in library.

Taking photos of books on shelves is not as easy as it looks. In narrow aisles, the flash can wash out the books, especially those in plastic covers. I am still trying to perfect my methods.

Update: It appears that most aggregators do not show the slide show. It does work on the blog.

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M. S. Byrd said...

I was late checking the January
entries but do love this slide show.
I feel a kinship with some of your