Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bonnie with Tolkien's Desk

Bonnie with Tolkien's Desk
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We took a quick trip to Wheaton College today, where you can see Tolkien's desk and Lewis's wardrobe. I was struck by how small Tolkien's desk is. He wrote, typed, and illustrated the Hobbit on this desk. He worked on the Lord of the Rings at it, as well. I can hardly imagine getting my knees under it. Lewis's wardrobe seems huge in contrast. They even let you open the wardrobe!

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Dan Trabue said...

Oh how cool! Is the Lewis wardrobe made from wood from Narnia? (What is it made from in the book, something like an apple of cherry tree?)

I have a literary question for you, maybe you or one of your readers can answer...

I read Dumas' The Man in the Iron Mask some years ago after seeing the Jeremy Irons movie. I remember distinctly feeling very disappointed in the book - the movie was very different but I thought, at least at the time, vastly better.

As I recall now, it seems like the Musketeers are very ignoble and that might wins out over right. Did I read the book aright (and/or am I remembering it aright)?