Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Open WorldCat Review Samples

Judy at OCLC sent me some statistics from the User-Contribution Project for Open WorldCat. As of Monday, November 14, she had these numbers:

All content: 367 user submissions

Reviews added - 161
Table of Contents added - 135
Notes added - 71

That may seem like a small number, but there has been little publicity in the world outside techie library circles. This is giving OCLC some time to test and adjust the system. Judy said that there will be more publicity early next year.

Right now, it is hard to find reviews unless you know where to look. Judy sent these links, so you can see some examples other than mine:






The first review is lengthy, while the other four are brief. All are very positive. No one seems to be slamming books as yet.

If you have submitted some reviews to Open WorldCat, send me the titles or the links. Either add them to the comments below or send them to my library email rick@fordlibrary.org, and I will pass them on through this blog or some other site - maybe on a wiki.

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