Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Small Mystery to Solve Regarding Peter, Paul & Mary

In the past three days, I have noticed unusually high interest in my short review of old Peter, Paul & Mary recordings. It has been the most popular individual page other than my main page in this blog. Of course the numbers are small really: eight people have accessed the review, which usually has a visitor every week or so. After the fourth visitor I began to worry: had one of the members died?

I have been to the Peter, Paul & Mary website and to Back Porch News, and can find no bad news about the trio - though it does seem a lot of other folk singers have died in the last month, according to Back Porch News. I have also checked Yahoo News and Google News: no recent news. I guess there is a small resurgence in interest in Peter, Paul & Mary: that's good news!

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