Thursday, October 20, 2005

Domaine Carneros 1997 Brut Carneros Sparkling Wine

We do not drink champagne very often, but we opened a bottle of Domaine Carneros 1997 Brut Carneros last night after the Houston Astros won their game against the St. Louis Cardinals, earning them a place in the 2005 World Series. I have never opened a bottle of champagne after a game, but then again, the Astros have never been to the World Series.

(I hope I cited the wine correctly. I do not think there are rules in AACR2 - library lingo.)

Bonnie poured the champagne into our seldom used crystal wine glasses, and I took a sip. Wow, it was good! It didn't have the aftertaste of Sunday brunch champagne. The bottle had been a gift a few years ago. It seems to have been a nicer gift than I realized. Not outlandish, but still very nice.

It was pleasant to sip while watching interviews and highlights. On ESPN the coverage went on and on. My favorite play was Adam Everett bunting down the third base line to score Chris Burke. That's classic Astros baseball! Everett and Craig Biggio both made nice diving plays during the game, and I appreciated Jason Lane's home run. Most importantly, the pitching trio of Roy Oswalt, Chad Qualls, and Dan Wheeler limited the Cardinals to one run.

We still have some champagne. Maybe we can have some more next week.

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