Monday, September 12, 2005

Meredith's Survey of Library Bloggers

Meredith Farkas, who is the new Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University in Vermont, has posted the results of her survey of library bloggers at her blog Information Wants to Be Free. Some of the results are what you would expect, while others are a bit surprising.

I most liked seeing that I am not alone as an over 50 blogger; 19 of us admitted to being at least that old, 11.5 percent of the pool.

I was also surprised to see that more bloggers come from small public libraries than medium-sized public libraries, 10 to 5; actually that may make sense as small is defined as serving populations of 10,001 to 40,000 and medium-sized gets up to 99,999, and there may be many more small libraries than medium-sized by that definition.

I am not typical in that I read only a few blogs. Many of the people responding claim to read a lot of blogs.

Bloggers seem to do many jobs at many kinds of libraries, and most claim to be happy, which is contrary to the idea of bloggers as malcontents.

When looking at Meredith's survey, start at Survey of the Biblioblogosphere: Results.


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