Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm Heading to the LITA Forum in San Jose

I am flying today to California to attend the annual LITA Forum, which is being held in San Jose this year. The LITA Forum is a gathering of several hundred librarians interested in information technology, which runs Friday through Sunday. During that time (and for the next day or so) I will be blogging on the LITA blog, which is called LITA Blog. Activity on this blog was heavy during the American Library Association Conference in Chicago this summer, as a dozen or more members of the organization reported on the programs and events that they attended. I expect the Forum will be very well covered. I know I am going to report on programs about the Michigan eLibrary and Blake Carver's LISNews. Feel free to follow the reports.

During this time, I may post to ricklibrarian as time allows, especially if I finish reading a book or two or take an interesting photo.


I wore my new reading glasses hanging from my neck today for the first time. I got a couple of "oh, my!" comments, but I never lost my glasses.

You may still sponsor me for the October 16 CROP Walk in Downers Grove. Go to my CROP Walk webpage to contribute. I have almost met my goal. I would be very happy to exceed it with many $10 contributions.

Sam from Writely is working to troubleshoot the bug that keeps me from sending text directly from Writely to Blogger. I have used the web-based word processor to work on several of my postings, and The Big Read group to which I belong has used it to collaborate on a page for our website.

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