Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Book Shop at Bristol Renaissance Fair

I think I missed the Bristol Renaissance Fair last year. When I attended over the past weekend, I found a book shop that I had not seen before. To my surprise it really had a good selection of Medieval and Renaissance histories, biographies, and historical novels, as well as a children's book section. There was a range of shelves with Renaissance music books, another on period weapons and armor, several shelves on women in the Renaissance, and a section on the Tudor monarchs. All the topics of everyday life, such as cooking and clothing, also had sections. I hope the shop prospers. It provides an interesting shady retreat. Visit it when you attend the fair.

Click on the photo to find more photos from the fair.

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Jacck Campbell said...

I would love to obtain a higher resolution picture of the A Renaisance Book Shop. If you have the opportuntiy. Email farmjc@molalla.net