Tuesday, May 10, 2005

rickindex, a companion blog with a nice picture of a toad

I enjoy comments and encourage them. In one comment entry, Dan Trabue asked if I had a list of the books I have reviewed, which made me think about reader access to the reviews. The most recent reviews have links along the left of the page. Other reviews you find by scrolling through all monthly archives. There is no other good way to find the titles, unless you already know the titles and use the search box. So I have started a companion blog to serve as the index to this blog. I am calling it rickindex. The address is rickindex.blogspot.com.

I have split the index into categories to make the list more useful to general readers. In doing so, I see how little fiction that I have reviewed. I started the blog with a great novel and then went about two months before reviewing fiction again. I know I will add more fiction during the summer.

There are many books of history and biography. This makes sense, for these are the works that I feel need more attention. I am blogging for books. I am especially blogging for nonfiction.

I see that I have reviewed only a few movies. Many sources review movies and I do not want to repeat what has already been said. I will review movies only when I think the film is neglected or really needs to be pointed out to librarians collecting DVDs for their collections.

I am obviously blogging out of the mainstream in my music reviews. It is obvious that I am an advocate for Curtis and Loretta. I know what I like.

rickindex is a work in progress. I will be adding more categories. Not every item that I have written is indexed yet. I have added some photos to make it more attractive. Take a look.

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