Thursday, April 07, 2005

African Wildlife Photography on the Web

For the people who are attending the slide show of photos my family took on its African safari, I have created another smaller version of the show that they can revisit at Readers of this blog are also welcome to look at these photos. Scroll down and look to the left side of the screen for our “African Safari.” Click on the elephants to get to the slide show.

While making the Flickr slide show, I discovered some other sites of African wildlife photography to recommend.

For 28 great safari photos, go to There is an incredible photo of a hippo with two lions. In another shot lions are preventing anyone from getting to their single engine airplane. Jackal1 includes several nice photos of the Masai people.

For 42 photos from a South African safari, go to DBarefoot includes lions, elephants, impala, cape buffalo, and a few really nice bird photos. The landscapes and sunsets make me want to go.

For some nice portrait photos of African mammals, look at This set also includes a really nice baobab shot and a nighttime reading-by-oil-lamp photo.

For some recent photos from the Masai Mara, go to Mara1 includes lots of cheetahs and lions. I thought cheetahs were too shy to get on top of a Land Rover.

To see five close photos of cheetahs at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia, go to 62Phatcat also posted several nice photos of his cats Tiger and Joey.

Thanks to fstorm who has a collection of cheetah photos in his favorites slide show. It was from this collection I found the other photographers.

Flickr seems to be very popular. Many people like to share their photos. Maybe we should start a photo club at our library.

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