Saturday, March 12, 2005

Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition

Readers, beware! There is a new game to test your knowledge, Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition. The rules are the same as previous Trivial Pursuit editions, only the color-coded categories are new, all of which are book topics.

Children’s Books
Book Club
Book Bag

In our experience, the toughest categories are Children’s Books and Book Bag. My dream team would include a seasoned, still practicing children’s librarian with knowledge of books both old and new. I was proud that I knew the name of Max the rabbit’s sister, but the other team had the question. I did not know the names of authors writing alternative comics or the names of some Roald Dahl book characters. Book Bag is a miscellaneous category that includes some obscure questions. Stay off orange!

We played with friends from our book club last night. We divided into two teams of five each. The people on the couch and the love seat were the Couch Tomatoes and those of us in chairs were the Riff-Raff. The Riff-Raff had a brilliant run earning five wedges but was foiled by questions for the orange wedge numerous times. The Couch Tomatoes nearly caught up. There was much laughter and moaning, and we had a wonderful time, but the game ended in a draw.

Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition is not a game for everyone. A couple of people from our previous contest expressed the sentiment that once was enough. Some of the questions are difficult and your opponent will get all the easy ones. Still, if you like games and you know the name of the author whose posthumous collection of stories has an introduction written by Thomas Pynchon, you should try Book Lovers Edition.

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