Thursday, March 31, 2005 Review-A-Day

Some readers seem to enjoy good book reviews almost as much as the books. At my library, we often have someone in our reading room looking at the New York Times Book Review or the Sunday book section from the Chicago Tribune. We have discovered another review source to recommend. Every Monday posts an article length review from The Christian Science Monitor on its Review-A-Day page. On Tuesdays, readers will find a review from the Times Literary Supplement. Powell’s staff posts their own reviews on Wednesdays, sometimes featuring Northwest regional books. Reviews from Salon, The New Republic, Esquire, and Atlantic Monthly complete the week and the rotation starts all over again. Reviews of both fiction and nonfiction titles are included. For readers wanting to learn about good books without being overwhelmed, this review a day is a good reading choice.


Shirley said...

Powell's bookstore in Portland is amazing--a one city block square building divided into color-themed, almost maze-like rooms holding different topics. New and used titles sit side by side. It is extremely fun to lose oneself there --literally-- and it is a must see when visiting that area.

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